Hold Your Peace Yoga Eliminates Stress

Hold Your Peace Yoga

Hold Your Peace Yoga combines yoga principals with the science of nursing to develop a custom, safe nurse-designed practice for individuals suffering from pain, stress, and other physical ailments or limitations.

  • Provides techniques and a supportive environment to enable physical and mental transformation.
  • Supports changing stress and anxiety into peace and self-wisdom by using proven stress reduction techniques
  • Provides guidance in yoga postures and movement that can enhance physical well-being, regardless of fitness level and ability
  • Provides a caring, thoughtful and confidential environment for practice
  • Focuses on restoring flow and energy level which can lead to improved productivity, and a reduction in pain and physical ailments

What students are saying…

"Dear Beth, your practice was awesome! Very cohesive. Loved it! Women are like mountains; that always amazes me too." ~Danielle
"What a beautiful practice! It flowed so nicely and your voice was very soothing. I loved the shell you handed out and how you gave us love and a mantra to take with us as we go." ~Kristen
"Beth, your sequence and theme was so beautiful that it brought me to tears-literally. You have brought me tremendous joy." ~Robin